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Record Company Records presents The Heathen’s Corner XVIII: Overdrive Infinity Summer House 2014 - Je Vous Raconte Le Tout


We back! The Heathen’s Corner offers a very exclusive look at very exclusive events all around the world. The last Heathen’s Corner dates back to 2004 - that’s how EXCLUSIVE our team of 2500 international curators is when picking which exclusive events to cover. According to my calculations (well, not MINE cause I’m Ricky, the intern, typing for The Heathen right now, he’s taking a bath and telling me what to write and also reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography “Total Recall” - but now I missed a bunch of sentences he just recited - think I’mma get fired? That’d be stupid, internships with a 300k salary are hard to find when you’re 13 years old), the next Heathen’s Corner will happen on January 1st 2034. So enjoy this one. Or don’t. By the time you read this I’ll be sharing a steak tartare with Aldo Maccione and Warren G on a helicopter flying over Astoria, Oregon. So yeah. What?

I don’t know what your plans for the summer consist of, but if you weren’t at Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, I highly recommend cancelling everything you got planned, and I mean everything for the next 100 years, and starting to work on building a time machine so you can head back to Monday July 7th 2014 and get the summer vaca you deserve. You know, the one you just blew by not going to Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity. Then again, if you built (build? Will build?) that time machine in the future, you probably WERE at Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, AND already read this article since you came from the future to do all that.

What if I stop writing this internet blog post now though? What if I erase what I just wrote? Is it gonna fuck up the space time continuum? Will you disappear from photographs? Who are you by the way? Do I like you? Were you mean to me in the past? Maybe I WANT to make you disappear from photographs? Maybe this whole thing is a well-thought plan for the ultimate revenge? No, I think you’re awesome and you’re hanging with Bernard from the Future right now. Much love.

Now, can I ask you a question?

How many times have you slept on a golf course? Not many. Not many as in “never”. Unless you’re Drake Jones, then it’s pretty much your lifestyle and I love you for it. That’s how exclusive Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, gets though. A hotel on top of a golf course: that’s where people invited to Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, resided for 3 DAYS.

Yup (it means “yes”).

Golf courses are fantastic, so are hotels. But hotels on top of golf courses are even better and they reach the pinnacle of awesomeness when they come equipped with 2 (not 1, that’s 2, as in 1 + 1= 1 billion) swimming pools. One small pool for the kids (where all the artists and special guests played) and one big pool for the adults (where The Heathen and Bleached Hair Arnaud D did athletic swimming and traversées en apnée), and a tennis court (where artists and special guests didn’t go and where The Heathen and Bleached Hair Arnaud D played paddle ball though they called it racquetball cause it sounds better and also they are French speakers and they don’t care).

(Note from Ricky The Intern: They did play PADDLE BALL on the tennis court, although racquetball would make more sense - and calling paddle ball “racquetball” makes no sense whatsoever and it’s really confusing, especially when the place it’s played on is a tennis court. Also, The Heathen lost 6-0…ok now I’m fired. Then again The Heathen will never read this and I’m rich already).

(Additional note from Ricky The Intern: Wait, is it actually me writing all the stuff in parenthesis or am I just writing what The Heathen tells me to write and he’s douchily referring to himself in the third person?)

(Note from The Heathen: You’re fired you fuck! And “douchily”? Seriously Ricky?)

(Note from Ricky The Intern: Fuck you, I quit!)

(Note from The Heathen: I just fucking fired you!)

(Note from Ricky The Intern: Wait, who’s writing the “notes from The Heathen”? You’re right in front of me in your bath with a soap in each hand and I’m not writing these “notes from The Heathen”.)

(Note from The Heathen and Ricky The Intern: WHAT THE FUCK!!!???)

(Note from The Heathen: Ok I’m creeped out. Let’s pretend none of this happened. Now type as I talk.)

As if 2 pools and a tennis court weren’t enough, the hotel also provided very exclusive guests with a terrain de pétanque that nobody used as far as I know but maybe Pierre Thyss and Yué Wu played pétanque with beautiful ladies at 4am for all I know, I wouldn’t be surprised. I sleep at night. I go to bed early and wake up early. And I read the newspaper at the pool.

(Exclusive side-note: I could write terrain de pétanque in English but as far as I know English speakers have no pétanque skills - and sorry if you started pétanque 3 years ago in Brooklyn but you know, I never played pétanque but it’s in my blood so it’s another win for me - also did you even see “Je Suis Timide Mais Je Me Soigne”? You didn’t so you don’t know about pétanque.)

Wait what? You think that’s it? Did I tell you about the jacuzzi? Did I tell you about the spa? Did I tell you about the giant balconies in each room? Oh shit Cuizinier didn’t have a balcony???? WTF. Seriously, this hotel on top of a golf course was so exclusive I could probably stop writing now and party of the year status would already be a wrap. I have a helicopter to catch too. Good thing I AM on a helicopter right now.

(Note from Ricky The Intern: LIAR, you’re in a bathtub)

(helicopter sound effect)


Hahahaha I DIDN’T EVEN MENTION THE LOCATION OF THE EVENT!!! Must be all those newspapers I read. Or maybe it’s so exclusive I can’t reveal it. Who cares though, I’m in a helicopter (hear that helicopter noise out your window, that’s me, wassup, take a look…sorry I’m gone!). Do I even need to say it though? SOUTH OF FRANCE! Land of everything fancy and distingué and amazing and better than everywhere else. Some call it #SOF but I call it South of France. Shouts out to Aldo Maccione, the inventor of South of France, the original Puff Daddy, Stomy Bugsy's grandfather, Junior's dad, Pierre Thyss' uncle. ALDO MUTHAFUCKIN MACCIONE. Pay respect to the God.

(Note from Ricky The Intern: Can we know about the actual event?)

(Note from The Heathen: You weren’t there??? You’re fired!)

(Note from Ricky The Intern: Who’s gonna write this internet blog post? You’re in a bath in a helicopter. Is there even a fucking pilot?)

(Note from The Heathen: It’s a dronecopter, you idiot. Yué Wu is piloting it from his own helicopter.)

(Note from Ricky The Intern: What the fuck? He’s sitting in a helicopter piloting this dronecopter? Who the fuck is piloting his helicopter?)

(Note from The Heathen: It’s a dronecopter too, Pierre Thyss is piloting it from his helicopter.)

(Note from Ricky The Intern: What the fuck is this????)

(Note from The Heathen: It’s a fucking dronecopter controlled by a guy in a dronecopter controlled by a guy in a helicopter which also happens to be a dronecopter controlled by a guy in a dronecopter and the story goes on forever but you wouldn’t comprehend it anyway. You’re 13 years old! Also, you’re hired again, but I’m gonna have to give you a raise, so please get your shit together. Now write.)

What do you do when you stay in a hotel on top of a golf course equipped with pools, jacuzzis on top of jacuzzis, and romantic terrains de pétanques? You go party in a villa on top of Rosé vineyards equipped with pools and jungles and multiple music stages for artists and disc jockeys and free internet and barbecues operated by Cuizinier and food trucks with multiple selections of burgers (and not like different burgers in one food truck, NO, multiple food trucks dedicated to burgers, because burgers are like Swiss pastry, you wouldn’t be able to stay in hotels on top of golf courses and party in villas on top of Rosé vineyards if it weren’t for them) and giant screens to watch disc jockeys spin musical records and all kinds of crazy USB cards and even World Cup Football Championship games (wow it’s popular even in America now!) (AND YES I MEAN TELEVISION SCREEN DEVICES OUTDOOR, IN THE SUN, NO ROOF) and a big house (that’s the villa I mentioned at the beginning of the sentence, this sentence is long) with many secret rooms and an experienced masseuse for artists and athletes and once even a pizza and some crazy Overdrive Infinity banners and all kinds of TV crew people with video filming devices and boys in shorts and girls in bikinis and un petit air d’Aldo Maccione and inflatable things and trees and EVEN A FUCKING DRONE FILMING PEOPLE AS THEY DID WHAT THEY DID (WELL NOT EVERYTHING CAUSE SOME THINGS ARE TOO EXCLUSIVE TO BE FILMED).



The Heathen’s Corner is brought to you by Mattfoley’s Genevan Heathen Beach Towel Beach House Realty - Why buy a house when you can build a house on the beach with beach towels???? Buy 2 towels and get the third one for free!!!


A satisfied customer reveals the exclusive truth! Beach houses made of beach towels are THE SHIT!

I came to South of France with big dreams and building a house on the beach was first on my list. I lost all of my money at the Casino (the French grocery store at the mall, not the actual casino, I don’t gamble, I just litteraly lost my wallet with all my money at the Casino, the supermarket, you know) so my budget was very limited. I bought some pastries at the mall for The Heathen with fake money I had from my casino board game (the actual casino, not the grocery store, it’s like a board game that’s like gambling but it’s all fake money so it’s not a real casino, I don’t gamble, well I do but not with real money, and if I wanted to I wouldn’t even be able to anyway because I lost my wallet with all my money at the Casino, the supermarket ) and he gave me 2 beach towels in exchange. Within 15 minutes my beach house was built and I’ve been very happy with it ever since. Thank you Mattfoley’s Genevan Heathen Beach Towel Beach House Realty!!!!" - Arnaud D (he has bleached hair)


Need I say more? Yes. If you’re reading this but weren’t at Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, please go back to the second paragraph of this internet blog post (by scrolling UP) and read again. And then go back to paragraph 2 AGAIN once you reach this paragraph you’re reading right now AGAIN. Though if you followed what I just said, you can’t be reading this right now cause every time you reach the words “read again” on this particular paragraph (the one you’re reading now but shouldn’t be reading now cause you’re supposed to be reading paragraph 2 right now) you’re supposed to go back to paragraph 2.


If you WERE at Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, I really am happy to hear it AND I don’t really need to tell you about the event, do I? Nope.

Now another possibility is that you first weren’t at Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, but then you did read paragraph 2 and did dedicate your whole life to building a time machine to go back to Monday July 7th 2014 AND you did succeed (you must be rich and making out with Phoebe Cates in 1988 right now) AND did attend Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, and therefore you are amazing and I really don’t need to tell you about the event because not only you WERE there but you even came from the future (or maybe from the past if you decided to visit the past first, then again July 7th 2014 is also the past for you, and actually it’s the past for me too now, or is it?) and that makes you even cooler than people who attended Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, in the present (which is now the past).

Now call Tom Cruise and Bill Murray and read everything again. Until you figure out a way to attend Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity.

I am very confused by all of this time traveling and space time continuum groundhog bonanza, so I think I will chill for a sec, drink a tisane (shout out you special lady you - and I know you won’t read this because you don’t do the internet social media blog thing and that makes you even more amazing so I give you a shout out on top of a shout out) AND I WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SMALL CHRONIC BREAK TO PROVIDE TO YOU THE MOST EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW EVER RECORDED.


The Don Mega Teki Latex is the man behind Overdrive Infinity, so you can only imagine (can you, though?) how busy he was during Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity. Luckily (and very exclusively), I got to catch up with him by the hotel pool at 8am on Thursday morning. I was sipping on Cappuccino while Facetiming with Ken Marino and Teki was circling around the pool (the big adult pool) in a velvet bathrobe, talking Finnish on his smartphone device (word on the hotel rooftop is he was negotiating a very exclusive deal, something worth 127 billion in Expendables dollars). I stood up, gripped my French newspaper in my left hand, and waved with my right hand “Teki! Would you care for an extremely exclusive interview, all I need from you is 10 minutes and all your secrets revealed!” - Teki, touched by my honest (and exclusive) gesture, threw his smartphone device in the pool (“I sealed the deal!”), looked at me while taking a newer more futuristic smartphone device out of his velvet bathrobe (“I just got so rich with this new deal, I had a miniature smartphone device store built in my bathrobe pocket”) and gave me a little clin d’oeil - “It would be my pleasure, Heathen!” - We ordered steak tartare and discussed Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, as Ricky The Intern relentelessly typed every single word pronounced while applying exclusive sun screen on our backs.

Exclusive unrated interview available for the first time now. Below, right now, on this internet blog post.



(pic jacked from Yué Wu’s Instagram device)

Genevan Heathen: Exclusive! How was the exclusive event Overdrive Infinity Summer House born? By the way, could  you describe the event for people who might have missed it? And are they gonna be able to watch it on their TV or computer device?

Teki Latex: It was so good man, what do you want me to say that hasn’t already been said by every computer device publication in the entire universe I mean, we made computer device television history and that’s that. I am currently sitting in a dark room in front of a computer device screen with every episode of Overdrive Infinity Summer House (Note from Ricky The Intern: a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity) on display and I could just release them to the world right away with one click of my finger if I wanted to… but not just yet. I will do that very soon though.

G: The location of the event was magical, a cross between the Let’s Play House video set and Aldo Maccione’s Monte Carlo mansion. How did you find it? I hear it’s very exclusive.

T: We found it cause we have a team of researchers in the field 24/7 providing us with the best locations that look like a cross between the Let’s Play House video set and Aldo Maccione’s Monte Carlo mansion. These guys do a great job, shout out to them, also did you know the entire Wu Tang Clan played there? True story (Note from Ricky The Intern: Hey Heathen, should I hashtag this? #TrueStory?)

G: Speaking of which, do you think Overdrive Infinity Summer House is more Stomyesque or Aldo Maccionesque?

T: Hard to say. One thing for sure, it’s a movement.

G: Tom La Masse texted me on his iPhone device to tell me that #SMSAudio was secretely sponsoring the event. I received his text message on my iPhone device, or maybe it was a iMessage? Do you know the difference? Do you use a iPhone device or a vintage Blackberry device? I heard two 50 Cent songs during my exclusive stay at Overdrive Infinity Summer House so I think it’s true. Can you comment on this or do you have some kind of non-disclosure (what does it mean? maybe when you go through a break up and you HAVE to come to terms with it? Cause disclosure is the opposite of closure so non-disclosure means closure???) agreement in your contract with Curtis Jackson?

T: Truth be told I’m not at all about the business, I’d rather like to focus on the people, the love, and the great fruits and vegetables that grow in the fertile soil of Provence, the music, the craft, the passion. At Overdrive Infinity Summer House we are all about the passion. This message was brought to you by #SMSAudio #VitaminWater #BeatsByDre #DailymotionPakistan #Migros #SaintRaphaelArmySupplies #WeberBarbecues #EmileShahidiInflatableSausageSupplies #PoweredByArnaudDedieuSkateboardHairBleachers and #AppleMackintoshComputerDevicesAndIphoneDevices.

G: I was sitting on the stairs in front of Mercure Hotel, I think it was Monday, I was just chilling cause I love to do that. Like doing nothing but actually I’m observing the scenery and thinking and also chilling cause I like to do that but I’m not real talkative, I just lay low, chillin’ in the back sippin’ Amaretto, you know, and I look at people. Sometimes people think I’m sad or I’m mad or something but I’m not, I love to hang out dolo style, I love to go to the restaurant by myself and read a book about Steven Seagal or go to the movies by myself and sit in the front row. Takes me a few days to be comfortable with new people. Then I love them forever. So yeah I was sitting and I saw those 2 amazing dudes come out of a super fancy van, they were surrounded by club music disc jockeys and musicians and all of that, but to me they really stood out, like “ok these 2 dudes are the stars here”, no question. The way they carried themselves was so real and classy and just, you know, so real. I was intimidated right away, I’m very shy, except when I love a girl, I snuggle and tell her I love her on first date. So I saw those 2 dudes and it was amazing because it was like when you’re a kid and you’re watching a movie, maybe a crazy movie with a lot of charismatic stars, imagine The Expendables if it was shot in 1989. I know you don’t care for the Expendables, but who’s your favorite Expendable? I could picture you liking Terry Crews or maybe Antonio Banderas, he’s got a cool accent, kinda like the Spanish equivalent of Aldo Maccione. So watching these 2 guys arrive was like watching a movie, or wrestling in the 80s, or reading a comic book, or maybe seeing a Eazy-E video in the early 90s, one with a big crew of crazy looking dudes with sick hairstyles. These 2 dudes were so dope, with the crazy hats and insane outfits. They owned the place. They owned the screen. Headliners. I had no idea who they were but I was just watching them being cool, “oh shit the Ferris Bueller Brothers just stepped in the house”. I later met them and discovered their true identities: Pierre Thyss The Illustrious Illustrator and Yué Wu aka Papi. These 2 guys are really the best. Can you tell us why?

T: They’re the modern computer device television version of the great duos of pop culture, they work great on and off the screen, Overdrive Infinity Summer House was about curating DJs but also curating great people to come together swim in a pool and cook barbecues together. It’s always about connections, these guys barely knew each other before taking the train to Saint Raphael yet the chemistry worked right away. It’s a great human adventure.

Also, YOU’RE my favorite Expendable. 

G: I would love to see a tv show where Pierre and Papi just travel the world and do what they do, just be who they be, you know. Would you love that too?

T: I’d love it, Papi would travel to Italy and put on an Italian accent and be all like “Buongiorno Pierre, do you wanta some-a Spaghettio?” and then everybody would laugh and they would go sit on a Vespa and eat from the same ice cream cone together. Then they’d go to Australia and make a voice and be like “these animals from the Down Under are really one of a kind innit mate!” and they’d wear boxing gloves and pretend to be in a boxing match with a kangaroo.

G: There has been rumors of the release of Pour Les Filles Vol.IV for years now but if I’m being honest, seeing Cuizinier absolutely kill it at the Overdrive Infinity Summer House barbecue was the actual release of Pour Les Filles Vol.IV to me. CDs are irrelevant nowadays, kids listen to music on their iPhone device, and worldly superstars like Bleached Hair Arnaud D listen to music on vintage Blackberry devices and they don’t buy CDs anymore. I went to play music in Bern recently, the capital town of Switzerland, and I brought burnt CD-Rs and people looked at me with big eyes and told me I was outdated. Thing is I have a USB card at home but I lost it. I found it today though. Do you think USB cards will replace CDs? Anyway, to me Cuizinier was amazing on the barbecue tip, so amazing that it was a performance, a piece of art itself, so “hey, THAT’s Pour Les Filles vol.IV!” - the food was delicious and I heard Papi Wu kinda produced the barbecue event and Cuizinier was the face of it. Would you say I’m correct? Did you try the food? Do you think “les filles” like barbecue food more than CDs? Would you agree to say that Cuizi Cuiz was on fire at Overdrive Infinity Summer House?

T: He killed it, I mean if Cuizinier, Yué “Papi” Wu, Pierre Thyss The Illustrious Illustrator and Perpignan Drake a.k.a Azamat B. formed a rap group together (where they all rapped) I would sign it right away and hire Crystalmess as their exclusive impresario.

Also i think “CDs are whatever” and “USBs are like, man, gotta have USBs”.
Cuizi Cuiz, when he was on that barbecue, made everyone think “why the hell isn’t this guy running his own barbecue empire by now?” - It reminded me of that time we went to a country house to write an album with TTC and we ended up watching Cuiz cook pizza all day long.

G: What were you favorite Overdrive Infinity Summer House (the exclusive event) moments?

T: The moment when it was exclusive? A.k.a all the time?

G: Is there gonna be Overdrive Infinity Summer House Vol.2 next summer? How about you just chase the sun and do it every week wherever it’s summer, all year. Like Jessy Nite says #EndlessSummer.

T: Yeah man volume 2 next summer for sure, we did well on the first week so the studio signed us up for a sequel. Bigger and Badder. Maybe winter house too? Who knows? Hashtag #WeWantOverdriveInfinityWinterHouse.

G: There were some AMAZING djs at the exclusive Overdrive Infinity Summer House event this year, I really loved all the sets. Which disc jockeys are on your wishlist for the next editions of this exclusive event?

T: Idris Elba from the Pacific Rim franchise who’s actually a DJ, I played with him on Halloween once. Also: DJ Ragga WeshWesh, DJ Foamposite Benoït Galaxy, DJ Guy Who Plays Hodor (not the actor who plays Hodor in Game of Thrones, I heard he was a terrible DJ, but a guy whose actual DJ name is “DJ Guy Who Plays Hodor”), Japanese group “Fragrance”, Pépito.

G: Do you want to give shout outs? This could possibly be a very long list of shout outs, like an extensive list of celebrities and legends, something pretty exclusive and expensive.

T: I know where you’re getting at with this one, shout out to the Expendables

G: We have to go back, Teki. We have to go back!


Before I head back to Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity (did you really think my dronecopter was NOT a time machine?), I would like to add a few (very exclusive) details. Overdrive Infinity Summer House was the best event I attended in the last 5 years (at least). Everything about it was fun, peaceful, interesting, extremely inspiring, and coming from the best place in the world: LOVE. And I’ve never been to an event where guests and artists were taken care of with so much attention and warmth. I am so honored and mad thankful for having been part of this piece of party history.

I want to give Teki, Arnaud, EmileNicolas Malinowsky, the Dailymotion crew, the Plages Electroniques crew, the Mercure Hotel staff, Cuizinier, Jessy Nite, OrgasmicFeadz (he dropped “Regulate" by Cuiz, Razey “Where Were You?” Raze and Saphir TWICE), The Lady of Rage (Pierre Thyss talked to her) and ALL the people who attended the event (artists, guests, organizers) the biggest shout out on the planet because this was one of the most unique experiences I got to live EVER. I’m still floating in the air (shouts out Mista Grimm) a week after the event and I think this shit is gonna be inspiration for the rest of my life. I love you all muthufuckaz.

Originally I was contractually obligated by #SMSAudio to list all the artists who performed on this internet blog post (they performed at the event, not actually ON this internet blog post) - but how about a bit of mystery? It’s not like I’m telling you about the salle des fêtes after parties that took place at the hotel either (yes there are after parties AFTER the hotel lobby now). So if you want to know who played at the party and what songs they played on their USB cards then just watch the damn videos when they’re available (exclusive: IT’S SOON)!


(Note from Ricky The Intern: HOW?????)

(Note from The Heathen: You’re fired!)

(Note from Ricky The Intern: I will tell everybody about what you were doing at the mall outside the golf course every morning if you fire me.)

(Note from The Heathen: You’re hired! With a raise! Now take us to Overdrive Infinity Winter House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity and Ricky The Intern. You heard me, Ricky, take us to the FUTURE! #WeWantOverdriveInfinityWinterHouse)

(Note from Ricky The Intern: Got you Heathen! Let me add a couple of pics to this internet blog post…)

(Note from The Heathen: You’re fired!)

(Note from Ricky The Intern: No, you’re fired! I found Bleached Hair Arnaud D’s money at the Casino, the supermarket at the mall, and I bought your company, I bought YOU, Heathen, and now you’re fired!)




Nobody Does It Better: Teki, Betty, and Carly Simon. Rumor: Pierce Brosnan (who once played James Bond) will star in The Expendables 4. If you have built a time machine in the future and watched the movie in your past (cause you came from the future), please send me a review with mild spoilers.


#BBQBrothers Cuizinier & Yué “Papi” Wu - South of France Texas Italian Hospitality.


DJ Orgasmic played Hip Hop Ride by Da Youngsta’s. What do you youngsters know about that?


Real pool with real inflatable things with real Cuizinier. Overdrive Infinity: realer than Singuila sleeping with your wife.


Exclusive (very rare): Behind the scenes featurette with never shown before footage of Pierre Thyss The Illustrious Illustrator, Papi Wu, Jessy Nite (from the #YoungCollectors) and Gaby. This room had a flat television screen device that only very special guests were allowed to use. Also, a big table made of wood. The future is only one remote control device away.


Exclusive (kinda rare): Men at Work Emile and Nicolas always wear hats and sun screen when screwing things. I said THINGS.


Exclusive (in a cute way): The #GFunkBrothers reminisce on Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, July 7th 2047.

For more exclusive footage, search the hashtag #overdriveinitysummerhouse on Instagram, Vine, and Twitter devices.

Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity available for video streaming (like television on a computer device, and even telephones!) VERY SOON.

The Expendables 3, starring Antonio Banderas, in Theatres August 15th.

Sound Pellegrino new compilation OUT NOW. The track by Nicolas Malinowsky sounds like Murder Was The Case 2014.

There’s still a few Overdrive Infinity t-shirts available at Overdrive Infinity Summer House, a very exclusive event brought to you by Overdrive Infinity, for all of you time travellers out there. See you there!


This my life right now. I’m the little girl.


Legendary artist Pierre Thyss The Illustrious Illustrator has an amazing Tumblr - make sure to check him out!

DJ Raze got that Love My Life 10” vinyl, out now on Soul Clap Records. Grab yours at genevan.bigcartel.com.

DJ Raze got that Love My Life 10” vinyl, out now on Soul Clap Records. Grab yours at genevan.bigcartel.com.


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